My opinion brings all the likes to my blog, and they’re like, mine’s better than yours…

I sometimes feel like anyone who is the least bit successful on the Internet went to Internet school and got a degree in advanced blogging. I look at all the platforms and those doing well from each and wonder, what am I doing wrong? Did I take a left somewhere down the road where I should have gone left?……
You figure when you start something like this, your opinion will be enough. “I think I’m educated enough to wrangle me an audience. And I’m witty enough to keep them coming back. Scratch that, I’m hilarious”
These thoughts were part of the very short checklist I consulted before starting my own blog. True to my PR and Advertising knowledge, I made sure to evaluate my content, just to make sure I was on the right track. I looked at what I had and reflected upon it. Was it good? Was it enough? Had it delivered as promised?
And the answer to those questions is: NO. Content, (I think… As I’ve said, I’m still new to this) is key. Yet here I am, all this to say, and having not said it. Those words, ideas and opinions might as well not have existed at all.
So, moving forward and having checked myself, I will write, write and write some more while trying not to wreck myself. No idea too trivial. I told myself I would get a good chunk of my book done this year, so for those of you who are interested, you can find it here.

“No more zero-sum days”.


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