Album Review – ARTPOP

Lady Gaga’s Artpop (Deluxe Version) is mainly a fast-paced adventure of well produced electronic music, but slows down a few times to show you the strength of her vocal talents. Most of the songs on the album are great for dark dancefloors, flashing lights and damaging decibel levels. Looking at the tracklist order, there is some semblance of a story at first, but that all goes out the window after the fourth track (Sexxx Dreams).

The most notable aspect of this album is the variety of sounds expressed by one artist. All of the songs are undoubtedly products of Gaga, but it is easy to hear inspirations from or similarities to other artists. The way she bellows away in Do what you want (my body) can be easily mistaken for a track by Christina Aguilera. The slow background, repetitive hook, sultry beat and monotone support vocals of Artpop mimic the music style of Madonna. Gypsy could easily be from a recent album by Kelly Clarkson. Fashion sounds like the music love-child of Chromeo and Jamiroquai (I can just hear it being played at the premiere of a designer’s new line or in clothing commercials). And yet they are all clearly the artistic blossoms of Lady Gaga. Some may say that is inconsistent, but her versatility is worth the applause (she does, after all, live for it).

The most surprising sound on the entire album is the track that will probably attract the hip-hop community more than anything because of the other featured artists. The heavy bass and scratchy electronic sound of Jewels ‘n Drugs features verses by T.I, Too-Short and Twista, lending the album a few dollars of street credit.

Artpop (Deluxe Version) is a predominantly electronic album which accomplishes to represent many things Lady Gaga stands for. It has sex, female empowerment, fashion, fame, dance tracks, night-life, money and partying. I hadn’t been searching for much in this album, as I wasn’t gaga about Gaga, which is probably why I was impressed. I listen to a lot of music, deleting songs from my ipod and library as soon as they rub me the wrong way. This album will probably stay complete in my library and get lots of replay. Loyal Gaga fans can expect many singles, remixes, and track rotations from this album. Also, three extra versions of Applause (by DJ White Shadow Electrotech, Viceroy and Empire of the Sun) are distinct bonuses.

Lyrics: 7/10
Vocals: 9/10
Production: 10/10
Replay: 10/10
Flow: 7/10
Track Strength: 9/10
Catchy: 9/10
Bonus Material: 8/10
Recommendation: 8/10
Endurance: 9/10

Total: 86/100


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