Short of Perfect

One day recently I was deep in a Marvel Comic, somewhere early in the infinity series, and it struck me: I have to get bigger. The whole idea behind the new series, teams, and characters is that there are threats greater than the powerful yet very limited Avengers team. They have to surpass what they are and become greater, larger, better connected, mobile, powerful. They had to upgrade. And they did. 

Back to my revelation. This blog was one of the things that came to mind when I opened up my thoughts to ideas. Many blogs came to mind actually, and they will eventually come to fruition, but I had to start somewhere. My problem with most situations is starting, but once I get started, I aim to finish (or continue, in the case of an online journal/publication). I often dont start because I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I didnt have a clear and well drawn picture of what I wanted, therefore, I never concluded to begin. I wanted a blog that could do this and looked like that and could attract these and bring me into the world of those, but I had absolutely no idea how to go about such an expedition. I mean, I’ve literally been mulling over the idea in my head for weeks. I’d come up with a million ideas and thrown away 99.99% and that still leaves me with 1000 ideas. I sat here for about 3 hours trolling the wordpress site for examples of things I could compare myself to, as well as things to aspire to become, and it was all so overwhelming. But that didnt discourage me. I actually now have more ideas. I have to get bigger, I keep telling myself.

So where to go from there?

You just do. I just…did. And ALL I have so far to show for myself are these words. But they are my words, and that was my entire point. 

So, this is me saying hello to whoever is reading this. I look forward to enjoying all the perks and love (and hate. I cant do without my haters) of the wordpress and internet community. 

I will get bigger. There will be more. 


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